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About Barefoot Babies 

Lauren is a Postpartum Doula, Elite Newborn Care Specialist, and experienced Infant/Toddler Nanny. They use RIE®- and Pikler®-inspired methods to promote natural motor development in young infants. Lauren holds a BS in Early Childhood Education, and has been working with infants for over a decade. They bring a deep understanding of babies to their work, and create a peaceful environment in the home, while providing gentle guidance and education to parents. Lauren is passionate about bringing babies into the outside world, allowing them to experience the peace and calm that is always present in nature. Connecting babies with the earth and the cycles of the seasons is an important aspect of Lauren’s approach.

As a nanny, they have seen how responsive care pays dividends in the toddler years. Lauren’s empathetic presence, experience, and passion for the well-being of babies in their care creates an environment of trust and collaboration. Their philosophy centers around infant-led exploration, natural motor development, and getting parents/baby outside whenever possible. The earth offers opportunities for healing and connection that are amazingly ideal for new families. 


When Lauren is not supporting new families, you can find them adventuring outside! Lauren is a lifelong skier. You might also find them coaching women’s mountain bike clinics, rowing, freediving, camping, or traveling. Lauren has spent time in Peru, Germany, Mexico, and Switzerland. 



When my husband and I found out we were expecting twins, we were thrilled but also shocked and overwhelmed. Lauren was our daytime doula who supported us for the first six weeks postpartum. They were definitely the expert we were looking for! From developing organizational systems in our nursery,  to getting a better understanding of what feeding, milk storage and bottle cleaning should look like.

From learning how to effectively put our newborns down for naps, to car seat, baby carrier and travel logistics… and so much more; their support and education has proven invaluable. Not only that, Lauren has a demeanor that is empathetic yet confident- exactly what I needed for such an emotional transition. They are capable, intuitive and well-researched on all things baby and maternity and it is with great pleasure that I provide this recommendation on their behalf for consideration of future doula opportunities.
- Shanna


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